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About | The Book Bang
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If you’re an indie reader, you want to get your hands on the latest indie book releases without scrabbling across the entire internet looking for new titles. If you’re an indie author, you want readers to find your books and then read them.

The Book Bang brings indie readers and authors together with a bang.

Every Book Bang title is a new release published within the last month of posting. It’s as if all your book buddies, favorite authors, and indie publishing professionals got together to chat about what’s hot. The Book Bang brings the buzz to create a hot spot of indie reading deliciousness.

Looking for a good read?

Browse what’s new on The Book Bang. We’ve got the latest indie releases, plus giveaways and launch parties. We love indie readers—browsing The Book Bang is always free.

Looking for readers?

We’re all indie book fans here, so don’t be shy. Announce your new book with a bang. Post your own book. Post a friend’s book. Post a client’s book—or heck, post your Aunt Sue’s book (but only if you really think Aunt Sue’s book is awesome.) The Book Bang posts indie novels, novellas, short stories, and anthologies. The cool part? We’re free for now; more on that in our FAQ.

Join The Book Bang

It all starts when you sign up. Just slide that mouse a little further to the side—that’s right, to those boxes over on the top right.

Then follow @TheBookBang on Twitter and Facebook, because we’ll be autotweeting and autoposting every new indie book release accepted for the site. And we’ve got a newsletter coming soon; you won’t want to miss that. Sign up today to find the freshest indie books!

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