L’Dopterra, Part One: Homecoming by Timothy E. Jorgensen

Apr 14, 2016 | 0 comments

“Politics and lies destroyed our planet. We were told science and exploration found us a new one.”

For more than 500 years the spaceship, L`Dopterra has been everything to Alexis and her crew; their home, their workplace, their protector, and their salvation. Their planet is dying, and L`Dopterra is taking them to a new one.

Landing day has arrived, and Alexis is ready to finally breathe fresh air again, ready to explore her new world, ready to start her new life, but a ship malfunction in the eleventh hour threatens the success of the mission, and the lives of everyone on board.

In order to save the people she loves and get her crew to safety Alexis will be forced to re-examine who she believes she is, and what she thinks she is capable of…

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