The Deal (Devil’s Brother #1) by D.N. Hoxa

Dec 13, 2016 | 0 comments

Ever since Lucifer Morningstar got kicked out of Heaven, his brother Eae was appointed Demon Hunter. Living on Earth for thousands of years, Eae learned to love the incredibly naïve, amazing beings that are humans. Having spent the last century searching for a human strong enough to break out of a deal with his brother, Eae has grown weary and his time is running out.

He doesn’t want to go back to Heaven, but he will have no other choice if he can’t do the one thing he’s on Earth for: release souls from the Devil’s possession.

Adrian Ward and his brothers made a deal with the Devil and found out too late that it didn’t end with selling their souls. Unable to say no to any of the strange requests that come their way, they find themselves planning a murder before long. Adrian never thought breaking the deal was even a possibility, until he meets the woman that will change his life forever. He vows to protect her at any cost.

But can a mere human run and hide from the Devil?

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